Buy Reading Glasses –Bifocal Technology is Increasing Reading Glass Freedom

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The Evolution of Reading Glasses
buy reading glassesFor many people, the need to buy reading glasses is a regular part of the aging process. Previously this meant that people had to purchase an old-fashioned looking pair of glasses with large unattractive frames and thick lenses just to be able to see the print on a newspaper or book.
People who require reading glasses now have more than just traditional options available for reading glasses. No longer is it necessary to have ugly frames and abnormally thick lenses; there are a wide variety of fashionable frames and thinner lenses available. It is now easy to find a pair of frames that provide a sense of style and practicality that was never possible with reading glasses before. There has been a conscious effort by eyeglass designers to create reading glass frames and lenses that look better while improving on the comfort of previous generations.
Thinner, More Comfortable Lenses
One of the major improvements in reading glass innovation is the thickness of the lenses. The breakthroughs in bifocal technology have led the way to a much more pleasant reading glass experience for users.
Bifocals were originally designed to eliminate the need to take off reading glasses to see in the distance and put them back on to see up close. Users could see both near and far without having to remove their glasses. The unstylish look was worth it for the benefits of the lenses.
Bifocal (or multifocal) lenses were traditionally thick with sharp lines in the lenses signifying the change in power. Invisible bifocals improve all aspects of traditional bifocals by producing lenses that are up to 25% thinner with no noticeable line in the lens. Wearers of these lenses experience a smoother transition between distance viewing and up-close viewing that facilitates many activities such as driving and reading. This results in an overall better vision experience for people wearing these lenses.
Invisible bifocals fit in a wider variety of attractive frames that further promote the look of a more youthful and fashionable appearance. It allows the users to find a frame that better conveys their personality while enjoying all the benefits that the lenses provide.
The ability to deliver high powered lenses in a thinner material also significantly reduces the weight of the lenses. This translates to increased comfort for users, especially when the glasses are worn for extended periods of time.
Find a Unique Look that Works
It is a good idea to choose an eyewear retailer with years of experience and a solid reputation. This ensures that you will have access to a wide selection of frame styles and the latest bifocal lens technologies while also receiving the best possible customer service throughout the purchase. The wider selection of bifocal reading glass frames enable people to find a unique look that conveys a style they love.
The trained eyewear specialists at a distinguished eyewear location can help you pick out the perfect frames and lenses based on your unique facial features and dimensions. In the event that the frames need to be adjusted, this can also be done on the spot to ensure a customized fit.
Trust a reputable Canadian eyewear location when it is time to buy reading glasses. Enjoy the latest in bifocal frames and lenses with a more youthful appearance.